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Paula’s Project

Names, Growth Habits & aka List

This has been done in memory of all the encouragement  & help Paula Pugh Schipp gave to frangipani growers everywhere, she was an inspiration to many of us. This list has been compiled from various sources from the web plus growers knowledge to try to create a one stop information sheet on our beautiful frangipani(plumeria).  We would like to dedicate this project to our first lady of frangipani  in Australia,  Paula Pugh Schipp,  who we have  sadly just lost. Paula had her heart and soul invested in frangipani  and the people who loved/grew  them. We have tried to avoid listing any variety twice by using the most common/registered  name then adding the other names as aka’s, we would like to invite people to help to further develop this list & to notify us of any discrepancies , omissions  or updated information they may have.  In honour of Paula we would like  to make this list  the most informative, accurate and valuable information  available for all frangipani growers worldwide,  now and in the future.

                        Darren Reid                                              Dennis Schmidt                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                             (The Frangipani Man, Thai Frangipani)


Name :  Registration #                              Description                               AKA’s :                                 


5 Star Orange : n/a


4002 : n/a


4018 : n/a


4048: n/a,         3” pink, yellow and white flower


4101 : n/a,        3" red flowers with darker veining and orange throat


4234 : n/a,        2 ½” creamish light-brown  flower with pink hues and orange centre


4336 : n/a,        2 ½’ pure red flower with darker veining, broad upright


4337 : n/a,        3 ½” pure white with yellow eye


4707: n/a,         2 ½” - 3" purple/red, strong sweet scent,     aka  : Sao Utharadit


4714 : n/a,          large yellow/gold flower, white edges


4736 : n/a,        large dark pink over white flowers, yellow centre


4801 : n/a


4804 : n/a


4806 : n/a,     4" large red and cream flowers,  golden-yellow throat


A1 : n/a,           3"- 3 ½” cream-yellow and pink flowers, broad upright habit


A 15 : n/a,         2 ½” - 3" white with pink flower,  yellow centre,  intense scent


A Kai Hana : #428,    aka : Sonner Y


Abby's Dreaming : n/a,      3”-  4″  orange flower with tones of gold and red, fruity/sweet  floral scent , medium grower,      aka’s : Abernathy Red, Cairo Red, not  JJ Abby’s Dream.     


Abigail : #346,      3″ pink and white flower with yellow centre, very compact growth.


Aiden Prowse : n/a


Akha : n/a,     3″ pink and orange rainbow blooms with a light sweet scent,  medium tree.     aka : Stunning Sarah


Ala Moana Sunrise : #464


Albina : #208


Alexandra Clarke : n/a


Allegro : #336


Alexis : n/a


Allure : n/a,      3 ½” flower strong peachy scent, compact growth


Alohalahi O Akua : #458


Ammaron’s Curly White : n/a,   medium grower,    aka : ACW.


Ana Rosa : #309,    3″ light pink flower with yellow centre


Andaman Sunset : n/a


Andreas Apricot : n/a,   medium grower,     aka : Tropical Tangerine. 


Angel Crown : n/a,     3” creamy white flower with pastel pinks


Angela : #219


Angel Beacon : n/a


Angus Gold : #101,         aka’s  : Donald Angus Gold, Pauahi Alii, Angus Gold Selection


Anong's Dwarf  : n/a,       2”  white flower with large yellow centre, pink margin, cool, sweet scent


Antonio Butera : #425


Anyamani : n/a,        pink, cream, yellow, green variegated leaves


Apricot : n/a,      sweet floral scent, tall grower,       aka’s : Fruit Salad, Sunset Heaven.  


Apricot Beauty : n/a,      apricot scent,       aka : MKD C13.  


Apricot Delight : n/a,       fruity apricot scent 


Apricot Dreaming : n/a,       sweet spicy scent,    aka’s :  fruit salad varieties.  


Apricot Locks : n/a,        4″ peachy/pink flower with golden centre,  fruity sweet scent, tall upright grower,      aka : Dazzler.  


Apricots  Rose : n/a,      apricot/rose scent,       aka’s :  Antique Pink, Burnt Orange.  


Aranya : n/a,     3 ½” - 4 ½” cream flower with orange hues and deep pink along margin, strong grower


Ashley Nicole : #234


Ashley's Pink Passion : #277


Aussie Confetti : n/a,        3 ½”-  4” blooms, medium grower,        aka : DJ’s  Confetti.


Aussie Gold : n/a,         compact/medium grower


Aussie Gold Rush : n/a,      2 ½”- 3″  bright, prolific pink flower, medium grower      aka : Ballerina(Geoff’s).


Australia : n/a,      3” reddish pink flower with yellow undertones, sweet jasmine scent,  medium compact tree,          aka’s : Capalaba Pink, Miss Perkins, Love Lane Pink, Mango Passion, Unconditional Love


Aztec Gold : #203,     3 ½” - 4 ½”  cream flower with orange hues and deep pink along margin, peachy scent, medium grower,      aka’s : South Florida Gold, Key Largo Gold 


Aztec Peach : n/a,    3” blooms, medium/tall grower,   aka : Aztec Apricot, El Dorado


B044 : n/a,      medium/tall grower


Baby Doll Florida : n/a,      2 - 3″ flower,  floral sweet scent, upright growth habit  


Baby Powder Peach : n/a,


Bali Hai Gold : n/a,    tall grower,     aka : Cendana


Bali Palace : n/a,      2" - 3" yellow flowers with peaked petal tips, sweet, mild citrus scent ,      aka : Lueang Gandjana,Lueang Sangean


Bali Whirl : n/a,       3” double (ten-petal)  yellow and white flowers,  sweet citrus scent , compact/medium grower,        aka : Bali Mas


Balla Napoli : #337


Banana : n/a

Banana Berry : n/a,        3″ flower with wide overlapped petals, very vibrant purple/pink edge with deep yellow centre.


Bangkampoo Mercury : n/a,       3″ multi colour red and yellow flower,  spicy scent , medium growth


Bangkok Fire : n/a,      3″ glowing orange/red with some darker veining spreading from base, sweet scent with prominent dash of lemon nutmeg, medium tree,     aka’s :  Daeng Maha Choke, Orange Hybrid, P-33,    


Banglang Tuntim : n/a,     3" - 3 ½” red, pink and white flower, dusted with red, strong scent      aka : 4646,  


Barbados Apricot Brandy : #255,      3” - 3 ½” yellow/orange flower, very small dark orange-pink centre, dark veins, pink outer band, fruity scent


Barnados Show Girl : #256,    3 ½”-  4″ pink flower with yellow centre, prominent tones of pink, orange, and gold. Light, sweet scent, medium tall grower,    aka’s : Confetti, Columbian Flame,  Acanceh, Pele goddess of Fire, 


Baronet : n/a,       fruity scent


Batic : n/a,       2 ½” two tone pink and white flower, golden eye , compact grower


BB White : n/a,     gardenia scent


Beacon Lights : #449


Beautiful Thailand : n/a


Bec M : tba,      2” red and white flower, upright petals, awaiting PSA Registration


Ben Bednar : #263


Bermuda : n/a,      2 1/2” white flower, red banding, some red striations


Bill Moragne : #156,      3″ - 3 ½” pink flowers,  strong grape scent,  tall grower,      aka’s : William Moragne Sr, William Moragne, Bill Moragne Sr,  


Bird of Paradise : n/a


Black Beauty : n/a.


Black Garnet : n/a,    no scent


Black Jack : n/a.


Black Plum : n/a.


Black Purple : n/a,    2 ½” - 3"  plum flower with orange/red eye,  sweet scent,     aka’s : Muang Anchan, Voilet Anchan,   


Black Ruby : n/a,     musty/fruity scent 


Black Tiger : n/a,     3″  red flowers heavily veined with dark black veins, mild sweet scent, tall grower,      aka : 4711, Red Dragon, Red Dragon Heart, Black Ruby


Black Widow: n/a,         2” dark red flower with black over tones/veining


Blackwall Beauty : n/a,    2 ½” dark red flower with black over tones


Blackwall Heather  : n/a,      2” white flower, yellow eye


Blazing Stars : n/a,     sweet scent


Blood Moon : n/a,      2” yellow flower with red edge & splotching over  entire petal


Blood Orange : n/a,


Blood Yellow : n/a,     2” - 2 ½” golden, yellow flower with red blood like drops from a red petal edge


Blush : n/a,


BO44 : n/a,       medium to light pinkflower,  yellow centre  and red star throat and white striations, deep intense lemon scent.


Bok Rainbow : n/a,       2 ½” - 3”  Rounded flowers of red with white, yellow and orange,      aka : 4806


Bonfire : #236


Bonjour : n/a,       3"- 3 ½” white and pink  flower


Bonnie Fox : n/a,      strong scent, medium grower    aka  : Volcano Goddess


Boon Yen : n/a,         3" - 3 ½”  light pink flower with red overlay of striations and markings, peach scent,  medium grower,       aka : Bun Yen


Bowen Yellow : n/a,   3” vivid yellow flower, sweet scent, medium grower,    aka’s : Bribie Gold, Napranum Gold, Sarina Gold, Gondwana Gold, Darwin Yellow, Joey, Pavlova Passion.


Bride : n/a


Brittney : #343,     3″  light pink flower with a dark pink edge, sharp yellow eye, rose scent. compact grower,     aka :  Brittany Linn,


Bronze Star : n/a,     colour reflects a true brown.


Brown Palace : n/a


Bua Chompoo  : n/a,         2 ½” white flower, pink hues , yellow throat with orange eye


Bubblegum : n/a,       bubblegum scent


Buds Cloud Pink : n/a,      4″ flower, tropical scent,  medium tree,    aka : Pink Cloud


Butterfly Gold : n/a,   4 1/2” -  5” pink and yellow flower,  tall grower,     aka : 4407.


Calcutta Star : n/a,     3”  star shaped cherry/red flowers with yellow/orange centre, cherry scent,  medium grower,      aka’s :  Kalakua Star, 4424


California Beauty : #369


California Sally : #207,    5 ½” pink flower, golden yellow centre, spicy scent with onion undertones,    aka’s : Belle Vista, Jameson’s, Bud’s Sally.


California Sunshine : #338

Callista’s Pink Frost : n/a.


Camelot : n/a,      3″ red & pink flower, strong scent


Canary : n/a,     peach scent


Candy Pink : n/a


Candy Stripe : #158,     3 ½”  red,yellow, orange flowers, sweet scent,  medium grower ,     aka’s :  Pinwheel, Pinwheel Rainbow, Barber’s Pole, Pet Sairung.


Caribbean Sunset  : #186


Carmen : #123,       spicy scent , compact grower


Caroline B : n/a,      medium jasmine scent


Cassie-Jo : n/a,       2” pink and white flowers


Cateleane: n/a


Catherine B : n/a,      jasmine scent


Celadine : #191,        3″ yellow flowers , white borders, strong suntan lotion, citrus scent,  medium grower,       aka’s : Common Cream, Common Yellow, Graveyard Yellow, Yellow, Huevos, Hawaiian Yellow, Common White(Australia).


Celebration : #237                                  


Cerise : #136,    2” - 3” cerise flower with a yellow eye, fruity scent, medium grower,   aka’s : Abbey, Banyo Cerise, Firedancer, Hot Magenta, Hot Pink, La Vendinima Cerise, Mikael


Charlotte Ebert : #127,      4″ hot pink flower, coconut jasmine scent with a hint of almond, tall lanky grower,       aka’s :  Giant Plastic Pink, Giant Pink


Chartreuse : n/a,


Cherry Parfait : #220                                   


Cherry Pink : n/a,         2 ½”  white flower with red and contrasting orange throat, compact habit


Chiang Mai Rainbow : n/a,     3″ - 3 ½” white, yellow,and pink flower with red/orange throat, intense rose scent


Choco Delight :  n/a,      3 ½” red, orange, gold and white flower,  jasmine scent, medium grower,             aka’s :  MKD A11, Chocko Delight, Choko Delight.


Chocolate : n/a,      3” yellow cream flower, intense frangipani scent


Chompoo Bannagkan : n/a,      3" pink flowers, thick, sturdy branches


Chompoo Chiang Kong : n/a       2" - 3" light pink flower with yellow centre, sweet scent


Chompoo Dok Yai : n/a,        4" pink flower with yellow centre and orange striations, intense, cool fragrance, broad upright


Chompoo Jack : n/a,    4″ light pink flower with dark pink edges, compact/medium grower


Chompoo Nut : n/a,            3" - 3 ½”  pink  and white flower with yellow/orange centre , upright growth habit


Chompoo Paan : n/a,       3" - 3 ½”  pink, yellow and white rainbow, sweet scent,      aka : Thai Peacock


Chompoo Pet: n/a,     3" to 3 ½” smaller pinkish flower with red/yellow centre


Chompoo Phiaphon : n/a,        2 ½” to 3 ½” white flower,  pink and orange/yellow centre, sweet fragrance


Chompoo Porntip : n/a


Chompoo Sampaan : n/a,           2 ½” - 3" pink, red and white flower


Chompoo Sairung : n/a,           pink flower, golden centre


Chompoo Sasigkan : n/a,          2"- 4" light yellow and pink flowers


Chompoo Si Nuan : n/a,           3” light pink flower, darker along rim, yellow throat and red eye, broad upright habit


Chompoo Silp : n/a,


Chompoo Sin : n/a,                3" to  3 ½” pure pink flower with yellow centre, sweet scent


Chompoo Vientiane : n/a,         pink flowers with some red veining


Chompoo Yod Doy : n/a       3" intense glowing pink/red flower with orange throat, slow growing,      aka : Chompoo Yod Doi


Chompoo Zin : n/a,      3 ½” orange and pink flower


Christina B : n/a,        3″ pink,& white flower with medium dark pink edges, small orange centre, rose scent, medium short grower.


Chuppa Chup : n/a,        1 ½” tri colour, white & pink flower, yellow eye,  can get a pink band up each petal with heat and no water, gardenia scent,  compact/medium grower


Church ruffles : n/a,       4″ pinkish white flower with a deep orange-brown eye, ruffled petals,strong sweet fragrance,  medium grower,     aka : JL Church Ruffles.


Cindy Schmidt : n/a,      3″ orange streaked yellow flower, mild fragrance, medium grower,      aka : Cindi Schmidt


Clare Corrie : n/a,      mild jasmine scent , medium/ tall grower,      aka : Clare Corre  


Cleopatra : n/a,       3″ – 4″ orange, violet/pink and yellow flower, fresh light floral scent      aka : Toffee.

Cleveland Pink : n/a,      3″strong pink flower, compact/medium grower


Cobra : #212                                    


Coconut Ice : n/a


Cokaku : n/a


Col’s Cooktown Sunset : #368,      2 ½ - 3” redish pink and yellow flower,  fruity/spicy scent , tall lanky grower,    aka’s  : Cooktown Sunset, Berries and Cream, Carnavon Sunset, Crimson Bi, Darwin Tricolour, Darwin Rainbow, Hawaiian Sunset, Rose of the Tropics, Ruby Gold, Tanjelo and Weipa Sunset.


Coliseum Sunset : n/a,     4″ pink and yellow multi coloured flower, spicy scent,  medium height tree,


Compact Red Rose : n/a


Conch Shell :  #190                                  


Cool Aid : n/a,    cherry scent,    aka : Cool  aide, Kool Aide


Copperhead : #328                                  


Coral Coast  Cherry Ripe : n/a


Coral Coast  Golden Glow :n/a


Coral Coast  Summer Dreams :n/a


Coral Coast  Vesna : n/a


Coral Coast Amazing May : #391,   sweet fruity scent , compact grower,   aka : Coral Coast May 14 


Coral Coast Asgers Tribute :  #434,    eau de cologne scent,  tall grower


Coral Coast Blushing Bride : #394,    powdery scent ,    aka : Blushing Bride


Coral Coast Bruised Plum : n/a


Coral Coast Caelan : n/a


Coral Coast Calcutta : n/a,     mushroom  scent


Coral Coast Campfire : n/a


Coral Coast Candy Andaman : n/a,      strong eau de cologne scent ,  tall grower


Coral Coast Cara :  #437                                  


Coral Coast Carouselle :  #395,      faint fruity scent                                   


Coral coast Clover Clusters : n/a,    english meadows scent


Coral Coast Dainty Dwarf :  #397                                    


Coral Coast Del’s Lemon : n/a


Coral Coast De-Lightful : n/a


Coral Coast Desert Fire :  #392,      compact grower


Coral Coast Ducko Wheelock :  #396,     mild spicy sweet scent


Coral Coast El Dorado : n/a


Coral Coast First Light : n/a,       fragrant scent


Coral Coast Flashy Andaman : n/a,      sweet floral scent


Coral Coast Forever Green :  #435                                  


Coral Coast Gascoyne Gold :  #390,   fragrant scent                                 


Coral Coast Hanky Panky : n/a


Coral Coast Heart of Erin : n/a,    floral sweet scent


Coral Coast Hello Yellow : n/a


Coral Coast Holi Leela : n/a,    eau de cologne scent


Coral Coast Hot Stuff : n/a,   floral scent


Coral Coast Indian Summer : n/a


Coral Coast JR : n/a,    light floral scent


Coral Coast Kaleidoscope :  #431                                  


Coral Coast Karen Mallard :  #438,     floral carnation scent                               


Coral Coast Kon Suay : n/a,    sweet scent,  semi-dwarf grower


Coral Coast Lazy Susan :  #439                                  


Coral Coast Little Pip : n/a,     compact-semi dwarf


Coral coast Marzipan : n/a,    strong marzipan scent


Coral Coast McLeods Daughter : #433,    citrus  scent                       


Coral Coast Montego Sunburst : n/a


Coral Coast Nameless Nina : n/a,   sweet scent,  tall grower


Coral Coast Nancy Schipp : n/a


Coral Coast Old Rosy : #401,    old english rose scent,  tall grower


Coral Coast Palatial Pink : #400,    mild sweet scent                               


Coral Coast Pammy Q : #393,   herbal scent,  compact grower                                


Coral Coast Paula’s Pride :  #436,  citrus scent                                  


Coral Coast Pink Pearl : #398,   strong floral scent                                


Coral Coast Port Wine : n/a


Coral Coast Thai Gold Star : n.a,     peachy scent,  tall grower


Coral Coast Tickled Pink : n/a,    mild sweet scent , compact grower


Coral Coast Tropical Turbine : #402                                      


Coral Coast Vera’s Century :#432,     eau de cologne scent,